Tank Goodness

Gentle Art of Music, 2012

Tank-GoodnessIt is a more than fitting name for this band: When hearing the name “Panzerballett” (Engl.: tank ballett) from Munich, the international music scene is pricking it’s ears. Generally, the gaggle of guest musicians on Tank Goodness is downright illustrious: Mattias ‘IA’ Ekludh, Conny Kreitmeier and the world-famous trumpeter Randy Brecker, who is honoring the band by performing his own jazz rock milestone Some Skunk Funk together with Panzerballett after 36 years! The unequaled fusion of jazz and metal – called “Verkrassung” (“phatting”) – is now at the peak of it’s meaning, especially when looking at all the brilliant VIP guest musicians.


01. Some Skunk Funk [feat. Randy Brecker]
02. Mustafari Likes di Carnival
03. Giant Steps
04. Zehrfunk
05. (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life [feat. Conny Kreitmeier & Ron van Lankeren]
06. Vulgar Display of Sauerkraut
07. The IKEA Trauma [feat. Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh]
08. Take Five


Jan Zehrfeld – guitar
Joe Doblhofer – guitar
Alexander von Hagke – sax
Heiko Jung – bass
Sebastian Lanser – drums


The IKEA Trauma